HOMES FOR SALE Updated Daily

FOR SALE in Trinity: 2-BR barn-style home (fixer upper) on lot w/Lake Livingston access in gated community - appraised $48,000., want $35,000./offer 936.662-8773

SINGLE FEMALE NON-SMOKER LOOKING FOR: 3-BR 2-bath home in Lufkin are to buy with owner finance (cell) 936.414-3754

FOR SALE in Lufkin: 3-BR home w/detached garage, 2 outbuildings at 410 Groesbeck (now rented for $550./mo) - selling to settle estate $30,000. 936.558-7575

FREE HOUSE to be moved: 2-BR frame, needs lots of work (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.414-9447

FOR SALE in Lufkin: 2-BR home on 1 lot at 203 Shady Pine $50,000., possible owner finance (or may rent $500./mo) 936.635-3186