WANT TO BUY Updated Daily

WANT TO BUY: size-L & size-XL Poultry Cooler Suits (in Lufkin) (call/text) 936.899-8925

SINGLE FEMALE NON-SMOKER LOOKING FOR: 3-BR 2-bath home in Lufkin are to buy with owner finance (cell) 936.414-3754

WANT TO BUY: `17 Hay, bales or rolls 936.632-0325

WANT TO BUY: 12" or larger elec wood Planer (cell) 936.675-4742

WANT TO BUY: Dehydrator, Quaker Parrot & parrot Breeder Box 936.554-2752

WANT TO BUY: galv metal Water Troughs with good sides - rusted bottoms OK (call/text) 936.366-0727

WANT TO BUY: elec Treadmill 936.897-3197

WANT TO BUY: large Pet Taxi (text) 409.996-5547

WANT TO BUY: 12-ga single-barrel Shotgun 936.398-5360


WANT TO BUY: 40-gal elec Water Heater & Mobility Scooter or elec Wheelchair (cell) 936.215-5922

WANT TO BUY: small working kerosene Heater (cell) 936.240-5463

WANT TO BUY: stationary Exercise Bike w/wide seat (call/text) 936.238-9908 after 5pm

WANT TO BUY: turkey, pheasant & other game Feathers (no peacock, no chicken) (text) 936.676-0022

WANT TO BUY: restorable `55 Chevy Bel Air 409.384-8061

WANT TO BUY: good Ludwig Classic Drum Shell Pack 936.635-2624

WANT TO BUY: Anvil (Powell Park area) (cell) 217.474-8820