WANT TO BUY: female red or brindle/white Boston Terrier Pup for up to $300. (text) 936.225-1874

WANT TO BUY: 2-ton to 2½-ton outdoor AC Unit 936.564-9609

WANT TO BUY: used 6' to 6½' steel T-Posts for up to $2. each (call/text) 936.212-3446

I'M LOOKING FOR: 1 unrestricted acre in Nacogdoches area to buy for up to $15,000. (with owner finance if available) 936.205-7635

WANT TO BUY: 3- or 4-wheel Mobility Scooter (cell) 936.219-5779

Se habla espaņol ... We pick up (in Nacogdoches & surrounding counties) (cell) 936.205-8514, anytime

WANT TO BUY: Blackberries or Dewberries (cell) 936.465-8778

WANT TO BUY: 2 to 3 country cleared acres in Angelina County (prefer Pollok, Hudson or Wells area) with or without utilities (call/text) 936.414-5700WANT TO BUY: Casita Spirit Deluxe 16' Travel Trailer 409.625-4283

WANT TO BUY: Figs & Mayhaws 409.429-3415

WANT TO BUY: 1 bushel of New Potatoes & 1 bushel of pickling Cucumbers (in Mauriceville) (cell) 409.745-1195

WANT TO BUY: indoor CH&A Unit for my mobile home (call/text) 936.371-3330

WANT TO BUY: Claret, Roundhead & Kelso Game Hens & Rooster 936.853-4480

WANT TO BUY: Lift-Chair or Recliner in Silsbee area 409.385-7818

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