FREE: 4-year female Chihuahua Dog (not good w/young children) (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.671-3156

FREE: 2-mo male gray/white, black/gray tabby & female calico Kittens (text) 936.219-3166

FREE: sweet 6-mo male black or gray/white Kittens (in Rocky Hill area) 936.854-2167

FREE: sweet 7-year spayed black inside/outside Lab Dog (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.240-9445

6-week bobtail Kittens $50. each • free: 6-week Kittens (text/call) 936.899-2779

FREE: 1-year female Pit Bull Dog & 9-week male & female Pit Bull/Shepherd-mix Pups (in Jasper) (cell) 409.571-0809

Sweet female yellow Kitten $5. (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.219-7441

FREE: male & female mixed-breed Pups (cell) 936.645-1151

FREE: 5-mo male Kittens (in Bon Wier) 409.622-0606

FREE: sweet 8-mo neutered Pit Bull Pup (too rough for children), needs room to run (text/call) 936.225-2725

Four 55-gal tripod Deer Feeders $160./all or may trade for 20+-ton hydraulic shop press • med & 2 large dog Crates $40.-$60. • 3 motorized Duck Decoys, wind action & clip-on Decoys, Stools $140./all • Ruger MK II SS .22 PPC Varmint Rifle w/Leupold 24x scope, reload dies, supplies, ammo $1,600. (in Lufkin) 936.635-6275

Sweet 6-mo brindle Pit Bull-mix Pup (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.526-1057

FREE: friendly 4-mo Kittens (cell) 936.676-8240

FREE: Chihuahua-mix Pups (in Huntington) (cell) 936.240-4039

AKC 4-week chocolate or black Lab Pup (champ line) $250. (text/call) 936.204-3263

FREE: gentle 7-mo spayed black Lab Pup (in Huntington) (cell) 936.404-9017

FREE: 8-week female Kittens (in Etoile) (text) 936.404-7090

Friendly 10-mo neutered white Great Pyrenees/Lab-mix Pup w/food, extras - needs large yard (in Lufkin) (text) 936.238-9424

FREE: female Kittens w/green eyes (in Silsbee) 409.225-0117

Sweet Russian Blue Kittens (litter trained) $100. each (near DeRidder, La) (text) 337.718-3463

FREE: 6-week Cur-mix Pups (in Kennard) (cell) 936.222-9739

Friendly 2-year male tri Bull Dog (no papers) $100. (in Lufkin) (text/call) 936.219-8185

Large & small decorative landscape Rock • free: sweet 7-year spayed black inside/outside Lab Dog (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.240-9445

FREE: 3-year female Cur/Lab-mix Dog, needs 1-dog country home (in Hudson) (cell) 936.238-2329

FREE: 7-mo male Chiweenie Pup & swet female Chiweenie/Terrier-mix Dog 936.229-8051

FREE: 6-week Kittens (some bobtail) (in Pollok) 936.853-3316 after 6pm

FREE: female Blackmouth Cur Dog & female Cur-mix Pups (in Broaddus) (text/call) 936.596-9268

FREE: playful 1-year spayed Lab-mix Dog (in Newton) (cell) 936.425-0785

FREE: 18-mo spayed black outdoor Cat (not good w/other animals) (in Nacogdoches) (cell) 936.371-1402

FREE: gentle 18-mo female Austrlain Shepherd/Husky-mix Dog (in Kirbyville) 409.698-4297

I WILL give good home to Chihuahua, Poodle or similar small dog (cell) 936.205-4930

FREE: 8-mo male Border Collie/German Shepherd-mix Pup (cell) 936.207-3468

DR Brush Mower w/pin hitch, 1½ hours - paid $2,399., want $1,750. • antique Baby Bed w/springs $50. • antique Porch Swing, kept indoors $50. • free: 3-mo male black/white Kitten w/food (in Jasper) (cell) 409.224-0132

6-mo male & female red-nose Pit Bull Pups $50. each (in Lufkin) (text/call) 936.255-0605

FREE: 3-mo male & female black/orange/white Kittens (no fleas) (in Kirbyville) (cell) 409.423-7127

German Shepherd Pups $100. each (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.676-1911

FREE: male black/gray tabby Kitten (litter trained) w/toys, litter box (cell) 936.404-9998

FREE: Cur-mix Pups (hog dog stock) (in Kennard) (text/call) 936.222-5173