Energetic 9-mo Bull Terrier Pup, needs room to run $500./offer 936.229-1904

FREE: 3-year small female black/white Dog (cell) 936.240-3763

Catahoula/Blue Tick/Blackmouth Cur-mix Pups $50. each (working stock) (cell) 903.721-1668

I WILL give good home to Rottweiler or Rottweiler/Cur-mix pup (cell) 936.404-4726

Precious 14-week female black/white YorkiePoo Pup $350. (cell) 936.676-0303
Playful 8-mo female black/white toy Poodle Pup $200. (cell) 936.657-8171
FREE: beautiful black Lab/Pit Bull/Cur-mix Pups (Alto area) (cell) 903.363-2343

Female black/tan mini Dachshund Pup $250. (cell) 936.615-0255

FREE: full-blood male & female Lab Pups 936.867-2050

Blackmouth Cur/yellow Cur-mix Pups, sell or may trade for good bay/catch dog 936.553-4375
NKC 6-week Treeing Fiest Pups (squirrel dog stock, Westbrook/Bogg's Creek lines) $150. each (call/text) 936.204-4822

Cute Pups (text) 936.671-0705

I WILL give good home to full-blood 1-year or older female Chihuahua dog (call/text) 936.526-1215

6-week Mt. Cur Pup (squirrel dog stock) $25. each 936.635-8065

Full-blood male & female black Lab Pups $75. each (cell) 936.204-3190

FREE: English Bull Dog/black Lab/Black-&-Tan Coon Hound-mix Pups 936.897-2847

Oak Entertainment Cabinet $50. • 4 sets of 4' Curtains $15./set • 30 pieces Costume Jewelry $2./piece • small wood Pet House $30. • lady size-18 to- 24 Clothes $2./piece • Singer portable Sewing machine, used 3 times $50. • portable Clothes Closet w/hanging rod, 4 shelves, 2 large drawers $50. (cell) 409.223-3688

Full-blood chocolate Lab Pups (hunting lines) $250. each (call/text) 936.433-1273

Cute 6-week long-hair apple-head Chihuahua Pups $100. each (cell) 936.657-9840

Full-blood male & female German Shepherd Pups $200.-$300. 936.637-1473

AKC black or rust Doberman Pups $500. each (in Orange, Tx) (cell) 337.496-4741

Blackmouth Cur/Pit Bull-mix Pups (hog dog stock) $200. each 936.637-0723

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