FREE: loving female Lab/Pit Bull-mix Dog 936.635-9363

FREE: friendly 6-mo large German Shepherd-mix Pup (cell) 936.208-0340

I WILL GIVE good home to Chihuahua pup or dog 936.899-2504 or

Male Blackmouth Cur Dog 936.422-5583

FREE: 8-mo male Blackmouth Cur/Bull Dog-mix Pup, needs room to run (text) 936.222-0801

Friendly 9-mo female black German Shepherd/black Lab-mix Pup $75./offer (call/text) 936.240-0060

Mini Australian Shepherd Pups $250. each

FREE: friendly chocolate Lab Pup, needs room to run (text) 936.676-5421

48x34x22" aircraft-alum Dog Box $300. (cell) 936.465-2012

FREE: 1-year female Dachshund/Blue Tick-mix Dog (cell) 936.652-1275 or

10-week male & female Chihuahua Pups $50. each 936.238-5921

Loving 6-mo male mini Schnauzer Pup (ears & tail cropped, dewclaws removed, house trained) w/extras $300. firm (cell)936.447-0386

Large Dog Cage w/pad - never used $60. • wood Dinette Table w/4 chairs $350. • Sleeper Loveseat $150. (cell) 936.366-4696 or 936.824-9868

FREE: 5-week male & female Yorkie/Chihuahua-mix Pups 936.854-2756 before 6pm

Loving spayed English Bull Dog (call/text) 936.414-9919

6-mo female Pyreneese/Anatolian-mix Pups (raised to guard livestock) 936.853-3112

Male white Poodle Pup ("NoNo") $200. (cell) 936.233-0018

AKC male white/rust Poodle Dog ("Rusty") w/leash, extras $300. (in Huntington) (cell) 405.567-5033

Pet Safe remote Training Collar for large dog, like new, paid $150., want $75. 936.275-2173

Mini Doberman Pups $125. each (cell) 936.215-1927

Male & female Pit Bull/German Shepherd-mix Pups $55. each (cell) 936.615-7255 or

Large Dog Pen (cell) 936.585-0430

AT STUD: AKC/UKC Jack Russell Terrier dog in exchange for pick of litter 936.635-3688

6-week female Shih Tzu/Maltese-mix Pup $200. (text) 936.462-0783

OMCBA Mt Cur Pups (call/text) 936.433-7525

FREE: male & female black or brindle Pit Bull Pups & Dog (cell) 936.414-6452

AKC mini German Schnauzer Pups (tails docked) $300.-$350. (cell) 936.645-7831

Friendly 3-mo male Pit Bull -mix Pup (text) 936.552-4884 or (call/text) 936.615-7791

Beautiful 7-mo Pit Bull-mix Pup ("Zeus") w/extras $30. 936.676-4863

Playful 6-mo male black Pit Bull/Lab-mix Pup ("Linky-Link") (call/text) 936.899-1038

FREE: 8-week male Am Bull Dog/Catahoula Cur/Blue Lacy/Blackmouth Cur-mix Pups (call/text) 318.572-7752

Black/white Lab/Siberian Husky-mix Pups (1 w/blue eyes, 1 with blue & brown eyes) (cell) 936.676-3649

Playful Fiest Dogs $25./both 903.822-3965 before 8pm

Full-blood 1-year male Beagle Dog $50. (cell) 936.208-1597

Full-blood male & female long-hair Chinchilla Pups (Champlain line) 936.829-5894

FREE: Cocker Spaniel/Pit Bull-mix Pups (text) 409.489-8784

AKC 8-week Shih Tzu Pups $500. each (cell) 936.208-3106

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