ASCA 6-week blue or red merle Australian Shepherd Pups (Woodville area) (cell) 832.279-0978

FREE: 5-week Kittens (cell) 936.212-2061

12-week black Lab Pups $100. each (cell) 409.782-5682

WANT TO BUY: full-blood Airedale Pup (prefer female) 409.994-4455

Sixteen 5- to 6-year Angus Cows w/11 calves (balance bred) $1,250./bred cow or $1,500./pair • UKC male Blue Tick Pup 936.591-5215

3-year female Belgian Terrier Dog (cell) 936.208-7913

OMCBA Squirrel Dog Pups (Thundersport line) $150. each (cell) 936.204-9257

FREE: colorful Kittens (litter trained) 936.875-2472

11-week male Chihuahua Pup $150. (cell) 936.596-6169

20 Bantam Hens $6. each (or hen w/biddy $12.) • 15 large mixed Hens $6. each • free: 2-year male & female Beagle Dogs (run rabbits) 409.787-1244 or (cell) 936.275-8666

AKC 8-week male chocolate Lab Pup (cell) 936.208-8407 or (cell) 936.676-7595

Loving 6-week long-hair Maltese/Shih Tzu/Poodle-mix Pups $350. each (in Lufkin) (text/call) 740.407-3793

Pure-bred 5-week male & female Blue Heeler Pups $200.-$250. (in Hemphill) (cell) 936.201-9123

FREE: Kittens 936.899-5418

FREE: 3-mo male Rat Terrier/Dachshund-mix Pup • free: 2-mo female black Kitten (cell) 936.208-6012

FREE: female Lab-mix Pups (text) 936.219-3938

AKC black or chocolate Lab Pups (duck hunting stock) $275. each (call/text) 936.204-3263 or

8-week female Blue Heeler Pup (some obedience training) $200./offer (cell) 936.676-7811

FREE: 7-mo Lab Pups (in Lufkin) (text/call) 936.221-9302

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