Replacement Heifers • Catahoula Hog Dogs • 110-gal Diesel transfer Tank • Dexter 10000-lb trailer Axle • Horses (trail, barrel, roping) • Roping & Cutting Saddles • 13-year molly Mule • Ranger 16' Bass Boat w/85-HP Mercury, trailer • 12 Longhorn Cows (bred) (cell) 903.722-5828

7-week male Chihuahua Pups $100. each (cell) 936.572-1671

FREE: 8-week Basset Hound-mix Pups (cell) 936.465-6412

Pretty UKC 5-week male & female Pit Bull Pups (cell) 936.225-9783

$350. each negotiable (Lufkin area) 936.637-6562

FREE: 1-year female Mt Cur Dog 936.552-6313

Blue/white female Pit Bull Pup 936.635-4738
Full-blood 8-week German Shepherd Pups $200. each (call/text) 936.208-5803 after 4pm

FREE: loving 4-year spayed black Lab Dog (house trained) (text) 936.652-1119

Large blue dog Carrier $40. (cell) 936.404-4915

FREE: 8-week Great Pyrenees/Husky-mix Pups (guard dog stock, will be large dogs) 936.347-2656

AKC male brown or white-parti toy Poodle Pups (text) 936.222-5708

1-year female tri-color Basset Hound Dog w/long ears $200. (cell) 936.414-0714

FREE: 3-mo male black Lab-mix Pups (call/text) 936.208-0020

Full-blood 5-week Brittany Spaniel Pups $50. each 936.369-4240

Male brindle Mt. Cur Dog (bays, not good with small children) $150. • 4-week Mt. Cur Pups (out of hog/cow dog stock) $125. each 936.899-4345 or 936.824-3081

UKC 4-mo male Bluetick Pup (bold & loud) $400. 936.591-5215

Sweet neutered blond Chihuahua Dog (cell) 936.465-6872

FREE: UKC 12-year female Mt. Fiest Squirrel Dog & 6-mo female Mt. Fiest Pup - must go together (cell) 936.229-1778

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