Wendy's Spay Ad

WANT TO BUY: Mt. Cur, Mt. Fiest or Rat Terrier pup 936.328-4496

6-week male & female tan/black, black/brindle, black/brown, brindle German Shepherd/Yellow Blackmouth Cur-mix Pups $50. (text) 281.912-8920

1-year female red-nose Pit Bull Dog $100. (in Jasper) (cell) 409.202-9584

6-week male Rat Terrier Pups $200. each (in Lufkin) 936.634-2152

WANT TO BUY: male & female Siamese Kitten (in Silsbee) (cell) 409.377-5708

WANT TO BUY: teacup Chihuahua Pup for up to $200. (in Lufkin) 936.233-0040 or (cell) 936.208-7957

FREE: Kittens & Cats (in Lufkin) 936.899-5418

6-week Blackmouth Cur Pups $50.-$100. (cell) 936.225-1406

FREE: Red Heeler/Am Bulldog-mix Pups (text) 936.635-7344

Chihuahua/mini Aussie-mix Pups (will be small dogs) • 4-mo male Sugar Gliders $175. each 936.899-4030 or (text/call) 936.404-8568

AT STUD: 6-lb male black Imperial Shih Tzu Dog (champ line) (text) 936.465-5288 or call 8am-5pm 409.837-5545

6-mo neutered 54-lb Pit Bull Pup (in Huntington) (text) 936.238-9487

6-week Cur-mix Pups (in Kennard) (cell) 936.222-9739

AKC 5-mo Great Dane Pup $200. (in Nacogdoches). Serious inq call (cell) 936.208-1828

FREE: 7-week male & female Jack Russell/mini Doberman-mix inside Pups (text/call) 936.707-3140 after 3pm

3-year male Dachshund Dog 936.560-3714

FREE: 4-mo Kittens (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.255-0431

6-week female black Lab/Cur-mix Pup $50. (in Diboll area) (cell) 936.465-5522

I’M LOOKING FOR: full-blood male Bull Terrier Dog to breed to my female Bull Terrier dog in exchange for pick of litter (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.219-3565

FREE: sweet full-blood female Blue Leopard Cur Dog (text/call) 903.810-3008

FREE: 1-year male & female Mt. Cur Dogs (squirrel dog stock) (in Alto) (cell) 936.212-3941

FREE: 8-mo spayed Bulldog/Terrier-mix Pup • free: 10-year spayed Blue Heeler/Terrier-mix Dog (in Nacogdoches) (text/call) 936.615-1395

Hyper full-blood male German Shepherd Pup $150. (in Zavalla) (text) 936.676-5589

Chicks $3. each • free: Cats & Kittens • free: large mixed-breed Dog w/blue eyes (cell) 936.414-4914

I WILL give good home to German Shepherd Pup (text) 936.465-5343

FREE: 8-week male & female Lab/Chow-mix Pups (cell) 936.208-3399

FREE: beautiful sweet 10-mo Lab/Cur-mix Pup, needs room to run (cell) 281.709-8263

FREE: two 1-year spayed yellow Cats, must stay together (in Lufkin/Huntington area) (cell) 936.225-1532

FREE: Cur Pups (in Woodville/Dam B area) (cell) 281.728-7233

4-mo Am Pit Bull Pups $40. each (in Nacogdoches) (cell) 936.559-5015

TO THE LADY from Jasper who brought me 2 kittens last summer: Please call (cell) 936.201-2361

Beautiful 4-year neutered Doberman Dog $250. (in Whitehouse) 903.842-4209

FREE: 4-week male & female Chihuahua/Mt. Fiest-mix Pups (will be small dogs) (in Huntington) (cell) 936.435-5722

FREE: playful 5-week Kittens (cell) 936.676-2571