CKC Doberman Pups $200. each (text) 936.671-9441

FREE: male Rhodesian Ridgeback Pup (cell) 936.707-2790

Full-blood male & female dapple or black-&-tan Dachshund Christmas Pups $150.-$200. each or may trade (cell) 936.615-0255

FREE: friendly 7-mo female black Lab Pup 936.853-2454

I WILL give good country home to German Shepherd/Wolf-hybrid Pup 936.422-3426

2-year female German Shepherd Dog $200./offer (call/text) 936.465-2124 or

Yorkie, Yorkie-Poos, Toy Poodles, Toy Chihuahuas, Pek-A-Poos, Schnoodles (cell) 936.212-2042, no texts

Full-blood 9-week male Red Heeler Pups $150. each (call/text) 903.590-0126

FREE: loving 18-mo spayed German short-hair Pointer Dog, needs room to run 936.829-9180 before 9pm

8-week English Bull Dog Christmas Pups (cell) 832.421-3908

FREE: Blue Heleer/Australian Shepherd/Pit Bull-mix Pups 936.854-2338

Pit Bull Pups (Gotti/Razors Edge line) $150. each (cell) 936.212-5699

FREE: male Husky Dogs (cell) 903.394-0730

Male tri-color blue Bully Pit Bull Dog. Call Newton, Tx 409.489-5264

APR female Rottweiler Pups, 6 weeks old $300. w/registration, $200. no registration (call/text) 903.724-9574 or

AKC 3-year black German Shepherd Dog $500. (call/text) 936-591-7966 or

Full-blood female dapple mini Dachshund Pups $150. each 936.254-9969

I WILL give good home to chocolate Lab pup (cell) 936.465-2377

Male tri-color & female black Pit Bull Pups $200. each (text) 936.635-0753

I'M LOOKING FOR: AKC female Rottweiler dog to breed to my male AKC Rottweiler dog in exchange for pick of litter (call/text) 936.558-7490 or

Black Cocker Spaniel Dog, likes to swim (cell) 936.899-2425 or (cell) 936.465-0343

FREE: 7-week male & female Blue Heeler/Blackmouth Cur-mix Pups 936.858-3576

Friendly 2-year yellow Hound Dog, needs room to run 936.634-5164

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