I'M LOOKING FOR: female Pit Bull dog (prefer with papers) to breed with my UKC 2-year male blue Pit Bull dog (Gotti line) in exchange for pick of litter (call/text) 936.414-1203

FREE: playful 6-mo male Pit Bull Pup (not good with other males) (cell) 936.207-0356

Brindle Ridgeback Pups (hog dog stock) $200. each 936.829-3818

AT STUD: beautiful brindle Boxer Dog in exchange for pick of litter (cell) 936.366-4984 or

Loving 1-year female Bassett Hound/Beagle-mix Dog (call/text) 936.238-6883

FREE: gentle small Terrier-mix Dog (trees squirrel, gun shy) • free: gentle Cat 936.553-2088

FREE: adorable male & female black/white Border Collie-mix Pups (cell) 409.382-2178

Loving 4-mo female Yorkie Pup w/crate, extras $250. (in Nacogdoches) (call/text) 936.205-7897

10-mo neutered Catahoula-mix Pup • 5-mo spayed mixed-breed Pup 409.625-0846

FREE: 8-mo male black or black/chocolate Lab-mix Pups (in Lufkin) (call/text) 936.707-6974

FREE: 4-year German Shepherd/Husky-mix Dog (cell) 936.899-2758

Male & female blue or black Cane Corso Pups • Table w/4 chairs, hutch • Stereo • Entertainment Cabinet (cell) 318.286-2221 or

FREE: 6-mo female Lab-mix Pup w/kennel, extras (house/kennel trained) (cell) 936.671-0468

11-week creme toy Poodle Pups (cell) 936.414-9694

`99 Lincoln Town Car 4-door, needs minor work $1,500. • Pit Bull Pups $50. each (cell) 936.229-2692

8-mo female Red Bone-mix Pup 936.208-6562

7-week Cur Pup (call/text) 936.222-4945

FREE: Min Pin/Chihuahua-mix Pups 936.899-2912

Cute 6-week male & female Great Dane/English Mastiff-mix Pups w/great markings $175. each (call/text) 936.676-6661

6-week Chihuahua Pups $125.-$150. 936.634-4087 or (cell) 936.676-3366

FREE: loving Bull Dog/Mt Cur-mix Pups 936.853-5690

8-week female Boxer-mix Pup $50. (in Central) (cell) 936.465-7210 or

3-mo brindle Blackmouth Cur Pups 936.631-1565

NALC male & female red merle or blue merle leopard Catahoula Pups $400. each (cell) 936.676-5734 or

Loving 15-week female brindle Italian Cane Corso/English Mastiff-mix Pup $600., serious inq 936.238-9920

Kodak Easy Share Camera w/charging deck - paid $500., want $50. • wood Doghouse w/rollers, fleece bed/pad $50. • lady size-XL Jackets, Pants, Dresser, Blouses & Skirts (call/text) 409.223-3688

FREE: Kitten • free: small Dog (cell) 936.221-4089

AKC 8-week Boxer Pups & young Dogs (tails docked, ears cropped, champ lines) • `99 Land Rover Discover II w/new brakes-drive shaft-battery-tires, 130,000 miles - looks good, drives great (cell) 936.208-1426 or 936.634-1647

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