Playful full-blood 1-year black Lab Dog 936.635-7615

Smart full-blood 6-week Weimaraner Pups (hunting line) (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.671-1301

FREE: 4-year neutered German Shepherd-mix Dog (cell) 936.674-9988

FREE: AKC 2-year female Springer Spaniel Dog (cell) 936.366-1588

6-week male & female brown or white/tan Chihuahua Pups 936.854-2073
Blue merle mini Texas Heeler Pups $300. each (cell) 936.645-9697

12-week Shih Tzu Pups (will be tiny dogs) $150. each 903.683-4588
Active full-blood 18-mo black/white Siberian Husky Dog $400. (call/text) 936.465-4320

Smart full-blood male Doberman Dog (house trained) 936.238-3913 after 2pm

UKC 11-mo male tri-color English Coon Pups (will take hot track) (cell) 936.225-0802 or 936.422-3602

Dachshund-mix Pups $5. each (in Diboll) (cell) 936.526-1850

Pups (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.900-0567

Moving! 10 Breeder Rabbits w/cages $200./all • pygmy Goat $50. • Chickens $10. each • free: female Pit Bull Dogs • free: Mama Cat & 8-week Kittens (in Etoile) (cell) 409.221-4565

FREE: Lab Pups (cell) 936.404-7181 or 936.404-7257

FREE: 18-mo Great Pyrenees Dog (trained) (cell) 936.208-6726
Full-blood 12-week male brindle & female seal-black Boxer Pups (tails docked, dewclaws removed) $175. each (or $300./both) (cell) 936.222-1152 or 936.222-7441

FREE: 10-week Lab-mix Pups 936.875-2270 or (cell) 936.671-0096
8-week male Yorkie Pup $450. (cell) 903.431-0071

FREE: male Dogs (cell) 936.414-6100

FREE: Chihuahua Dogs 936.687-2123
6-week Boxer Pups $200.-$250. (cell) 936.671-0402 or (cell) 936.208-0500

FREE: energetic 1-year Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd-mix Dog ("Samson"), needs room to run, not good with other dogs (cell) 936.676-7286 or (cell) 936.465-1694
Loving 2-year spayed red-nose red Pit Bull Dog (dewclaws removed), not good with other dogs (in Nacogdoches) (cell) 903.941-3159

Friendly 18-mo brown Catahoula/Walker-mix Dog (cell) 936.366-0390

FREE: playful 10-mo Red Heeler-mix Pup (cell) 936.222-1876

FREE: female short-hair Husky/Lab-mix Pup w/1 blue eye 936.238-2499

6-week Boxer Pups $200.-$250. (cell) 936.671-0402 or (cell) 936.208-0500

Full-blood 4-mo female Am Blue Tick Pup $200. (cell) 936.404-2724
UKC 7-week blue/white Pit Bull Pups (Razors Edge/Gotti lines) (call/text) 936.546-5437

AKC fawn or brindle/white Boxer Pups & young Dogs (tails docked, ears cropped, champ lines) (cell) 936.208-1426 or 936.632-2434

Loving 14-mo female black or brown Lab-mix Dogs, need room to play (cell) 936.465-7559

FREE: 4-mo female black Lab Pup (call/text) 936.899-4042
FREE: energetic 2-year female Catahoula Cur/Walker-mix Dog (cell) 936.366-0390

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