I WILL give good home to free Cur Dog or Pup (call/text) 936.404-4093

Full-blood 1-year Siberian Husky Dog $500. (call/text) 936.208-5970

NALC Catahoula Pups (Blue Sky/Wager lines) $250. each (cell) 936.676-5785

FREE: loving 5-year St. Bernard Dog. Call Jasper, Tx 409.698-6678

Healthy 5-week male & female Shih Tzu Pups $450. & $500. firm (cell) 832.622-5784

FREE: 2-year male black Lab Dog, needs room to run 936.637-3284

FREE: 18-mo spayed Blue Heeler Farm Dog (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.899-1187

Adorable 6-week male & female black/tan or red/brown Dachshund Pups $100. each (cell) 936.675-1988 after 5pm

6-week Jack Russell/Dachshund-mix Pup (call/text) 936.205-6789

AKC 1-year male Rottweiler Dogs $200. each, must go together (cell) 936.615-8975

Large blue dog Carrier $40. (cell) 936.404-4915

FREE: smart 12-week female white or black Lab-mix Pups 936.238-6549

Pit Bull Dogs (call/text) 936.427-0573

FREE: Pups (cell) 936.240-5877
Energetic 1-year spayed Pit Bull/Dachshund-mix Dog $50. 936.462-1445

FREE: male black or white Am Pit Bull/Blackmouth Cur-mix Pups 936.635-0500

AKC 9-mo spayed parti Yorkie Pup $400. (call/text) 936.671-9069

Loving UKC 10-week male & female blue Pit Bull Pups (call/text) 936.635-6649

FREE: female Lab/Cur-mix Dog (call/text) 936.215-4032
5-week Rottweiler Pups (cell) 936.465-1259 or (cell) 936.212-3296

1-year male Siberian Husky Dog $400. (cell) 936.208-5070
6-year female Yorkie Dog $500. (cell) 936.239-9227
Friendly 10-week male black indoor Pup w/white on chest-chin $20. (in Huntington) (call/text) 337.304-3509
Cute full-blood 7-week male Golden Retriever Pups (cell) 936.675-3335 or

6-week German Shepherd Pups $250. each (call/text) 936.675-0815

FREE: loving 10-week black Lab-mix Pup 936.899-0496

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