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AT 1478 LYDIA IN KOUNTZE (turn off Hwy 69 in Lumberton onto FM 421, go 4 1/2 miles, turn left on Lydia) ... Thur-Fri-Sat, June 24-26, 9am-3pm ... Go to to see pictures

NACOGDOCHES 2-FAMILY SALE: Sat, June 26, 8am-1pm at 638 Park Place (off Park Street) in Nacogdoches. Lots!

DIBOLL 3-FAMILY SALE: Fri & Sat, June 25-26, 7am-5pm at 4747 FM 1818 (turn off Hwy 59 S in Diboll onto FM 1818, go 5 1/2 miles to brick home on left just before Pine Grove church). Gas stove, queen bed set, dryer, toddler bed/baby furniture, more!

DIBOLL SALE: Fri & Sat, June 25-26 at 4743 FM 1818 (turn off Hwy 59-S in Diboll onto FM 1818, go 5 1/2 miles). Gas stove, refrigerator, toddler bed, twin stroller, lots more!

••••• ESTATE SALE! •••••
FOUR SORE FEET ... 2 HOUSES, 1 LOCATION: Thur 9am-4pm, Fri 9am-4pm & Sat 8am-3pm, June 24-26 at 1960 CR 2775 in Chester (Woodville, Colmesneil) ... Combined 2 houses, East Texas mets Louisiana. Furniture (vintage & new), Kitchen Table, End Tables, vintage Curio w/curved glass, Dressers, chest Freezer, Smoker, Stereo System w/turntable, kitchen Appliances, Household Goods, Shoes, Clothes, Sewing, Knitting, vintage Nintendo, Wii, DVD, CD Vinyl, Art, Tools, Glassware. Come out & see us, this is a great estate sale with something for everyone. See pictures at

LUFKIN SALE: Sat, June 26, 8am-2pm at 1407 N. Broadmoor (offFrank Street near heli pad onto Perry, turn left on Broadmoor, home on right). Hand tools, stand-up band saw, Boy Scout memorabilia, bicycles, more!

LUFKIN 3-FAMILY HUGE STORAGE SALE: Thur-Fri-Sat, June 24-26, 7:30am-?? at 2015 E. Lufkin Ave (inside Lufkin E. Loop across from Hillcrest Cemetery down from Walgreens). Furniture, bar stools, electronics, KitchenAid mixer, vintage mixer, vintage pieces, dinette set, books, clothes, handbags, shoes, sewing machine, fabric, rooster collection, baking items, kitchen items, Cricut cake maker, cake photo printer, rugs, jewelry, home decor, bedding, more!

LUFKIN 3-FAMILY SALE: Sat, June 26, 8am-3pm at 1023 Idylwood Drive (turn off Feagin onto Park Street to Idylwood). Antique furniture, home decor, dishes/pots/pans, clothes/shoes, much more!

•••••••• ANGEL WINGS ••••••••
RESALE & OUTREACH STORE: Clothing, shoes, scrubs, books, furniture, small appliances & much more! ... Located at 3878 Ford Chapel Road (off Lufkin Loop 287, 2 blocks behind Love's Truck Stop) ... Taking donations ... Call 936.632-9464

LUFKIN CROWN COLONY MULTI-FAMILY INSIDE/OUTSIDE SALE: Fri 8am-2pm & Sat 8am-noon, June 25-26 at 109 Crown Colony (off Champions) in Lufkin (please park in Crown Colony parking lot). Hardware, tools, housewares, more!

HUDSON YARD SALE: Fri & Sat, June 25-26 at 7986 Hwy 94 West (go out past Hudson High School to home on right - cancel if rain). Housewares, tools, under-counter microwave, boat motor, lots more!

GENEVA'S ANGELS OF JOY CLOTHING PANTRY SUMMER CLEARANCE GIVE-AWAY: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm in parking lot at 620 Kurth Drive in Lufkin .. "Giving Back to Our Community" EVERYTHING IS FREE!

LUFKIN 7-FAMILY SALE: Sat, June 26, 7am-3pm at 502 Jefferson Ave (between Bynum & Raguet) in Lufkin. Household items, man/lady clothes/shoes, dorm bedding/items, truck tool box, more!

LUFKIN 2-FAMILY SALE: Sat, June 26, 7am-1pm at 809 York Drive (off S. Chestnut just inside Lufkin S. Loop, 1st home on right). Dining table/6 chairs, china cabinet, household items, clothes, more!

HUDSON SALE: Fri & Sat, June 25-26, 7am-4pm at 298 Ivey Road (go out Hwy 94 West of Hudson schools, turn left on Ivey Road just past Sunnyhill Ranch). Old tools, barn items, older power tools, tool boxes, more!

HUDSON HUGE MOVING SALE: Thuir-Fri-Sat, June 24-26, 7am-2pm at 125 Bobwhite Drive (go outside Lufkin Loop on Hwy 94 West, turn left at traffic light on FM 706/Bethlehem Road, turn right into Quail Ridge on Bobwhite, 2nd home on the left). Antiques, clothes, toys/games, pocket knife, more!

REDLAND RIVERCREST 3-FAMILY SALE: Wed-Thur-Fri-Sat, June 23-26, 8am-?? at 187 Arkansas Ave (go outside Lufkin Loop on Hwy 59 North, turn right on CR 116B/Rivercrest Road, go 7 miles to Rivercrest Community sign & turn right, turn right at 4-way stop, take sharp left, home at bottom of hill). Lawnmower, electronics, movies, elec dryer, more!

HUDSON 2-FAMILY SALE: Sat, June 26, 7am-4pm at 171 S. FM 706 (go outside Lufkin Loop on Hwy 103 West, turn left on FM 706 to 2nd home on left). Furniture, toys, housewares, all-size clothes, more!

LUFKIN ENGLEWOOD 2-FAMILY SALE: Thur-Fri-Sat, June 24-26, 7am-?? at 200 Cunningham (off E. Denman inside Lufkin SE Loop). Tools, fishing gear, knives, more!


NACOGDOCHES MOVING SALE: Fri 8am-3pmn & Sat 8am-2pm, June 25-26 at 359 CR 126 (go 7 miles outside Nacogdoches Loop on Hwy 59 North, turn left on FM 2864, go 5 miles, turn right, home on right). Everything must go!

LUFKIN ENGLEWOOD 3-FAMILY SALE: Sat, June 26, 8am-?? at 405 Englewood (turn off E. Denman inside Lufkin SE Loop onto Cunningham). Man/lady/child clothes/shoes, furniture, more!

LUFKIN 2-FAMILY SALE: Thur & Fri, June 24-25, 7am-2pm at 378 John Kolb Road (off Hwy 103 East of Lufkin Loop). Table/6 chairs/bench, curio cabinet, vacuum, clothes, more!

LUFKIN 4-FAMILY SALE: Fri & Sat, June 25-26, 7:30am-1pm at 413 Vine Drive (between Cimmarron & Moss off S. Raguet) in Lufkin. Baby Items, adult clothes, refrigerator, more!

LUFKIN SALE: Fri & Sat, June 25-26, 7am-5pm at 1214 Voyle Street (off Moffet Road near St. Patrick’s Church) in Lufkin. Clothes, toys, furniture, more!

LUFKIN 3-FAMILY SALE: Fri & Sat, June 25-26, 7am-3pm at 612 Chester (off Paul outside Lufkin E. Loop). Clothes, furniture, dishes, plants, more!

HUDSON 3-FAMILY BACKYARD SALE: Fri & Sat, June 25-26, 8am-3pm at 4217 Ted Trpout Drive (Hwy 94 West, 2½ miles outside Lufkin Loop on left). Tools, fishing rods, home dècor, child items, toys, more!

LUFKIN 3-FAMILY SALE: Sat, June 26, 8am-?? at 253 Lola Nerren Road (go outside Lufkin Loop on Hwy 103 East, turn right on Lola Nerren Road just past Dollar General to 3rd home on left). Man/lady/toddler name-brand clothes, housewares, more!

LUFKIN IDLEWOOD 3-FAMILY SALE: Sat, June 26, 7am-?? at 1437 Edgewood (go outside Lufkin Loop on Hwy 9 North, turn right beside Big’s store on Chimney Rock, turn right on Edgewood to home on left). Tools, housewares, toys, furniture, more!

HUDSON 2-FAMILY SALE: Sat, June 26, 8am-1pm in parking lot of Bubba T’s on Hwy 94 West of Lufkin Loop. Adult & baby clothes, furniture, housewares, more!

LUFKIN 2-FAMILY SALE: Sat, June 26, 7:30am-noon at 1709 Courtney Lane (off S. Chestnut onto Card Drive inside Lufkin S. Loop). Video games, clothes, purses, housewares, more!

JASPER 2-FAMILY SALE: Fri & Sat, June 25-26, 8am-?? at 1524 CR 138 (go 7 miles out Hwy 190 West of Jasper, turn right on CR 138, home on right). Washer/dryer, dressers, craft items, man shirts, more!