WANT TO BUY: Backhoe Implement (3-pt) 936.635-6055

WANT TO BUY: old trampoline Frame (cell) 936.229-6130

WANT TO BUY: 3 or 4 gray Guineas 409.289-3950

••••••• TIMBER WANTED •••••••
No tract too small ... No tract too large ... Timber Consultants (call/text) 936.229-7073

WANT TO BUY: Pistol for up to $150. (text) 936.635-2127

WANT TO BUY: Craftsman 42" mower Deck 936.853-2051

WANT TO BUY: 42" Deck off Yard Man, Scott's or Craftsman riding mower 409.423-1164

WANT TO BUY: good clean used 35-HP diesel Tractor 936.829-5175

••••••••• EASTEX COINS •••••••••
will buy your old junk silver & gold coins or bullion. Nice stuff or junk, we don’t care. Cash paid immediately. No bag of coins is too small. We will give you a fair price for your stuff. Call EASTEX, where COINS EQUAL CASH!!! (cell) 936.674-9814

WANT TO BUY: Furniture for church pulpit 936.632-6188

WANT TO BUY: 4x4 Ύ-ton Truck for up to $5,000. 936.635-9140

WANT TO BUY: AR15 Rifle (cell) 936.219-4167

WANT TO BUY: good working riding Mower for up to $200. (cell) 936.404-2671 or jerry.willard@hotmail.com

WANT TO BUY: good working wood Lathe 936.635-5050

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