Zoe Realty Ad

WANT TO BUY: cast-iron Wood Heater 409.289-4667 after 6pm

WANT TO BUY: female teacup Chihuahua Pup 936.637-1139

WANT TO BUY: 2-or3-BR m/h to be moved 903.721-3369

WANT TO BUY: Pecans in Woodville or Jasper area 409.331-0081

WANT TO BUY: good used Ping Pong Table (cell) 936.414-1569

I'M LOOKING FOR single-or double-wide m/h to buy in Lufkin, Huntington or Nacogdoches area to be moved for up to $19,000. (cell) 936.676-3360

WANT TO BUY: Black Walnuts (cell) 409.828-0306

WANT TO BUY: small Travel Trailer (fixer-upper OK, consider rent/lease) (in Huntington area) 936.422-4241 or (text/call) 936.671-9835 or ppcahs@gmail.com

ELDERLY GENTLEMAN IN NEED of Bed, Dresser, Sofa, Chair/Recliner, Dining Table w/chairs, Washer/Dryer & Refrigerator (in Woodville area) 409.377-5126

WANT TO BUY: Tiller for small tractor 409.594-1101

WANT TO BUY: new crop Pecans in Lufkin area (cell) 936.676-5453

WANT TO BUY: small pygmy billy Goat in Nacogdoches or Lufkin area 936.556-1557

WANT TO BUY: doe Rabbit for my male in Silsbee area (cell) 409.673-8352

WANT TO BUY: `05 Kia Sedona Mini Van for parts 936.829-2507 or (cell) 936.676-8878

I'M LOOKING FOR: home on up to 2 unrestricted acres in Center of Nacogdoches area to buy for up to $20,000. (cell) 936.205-7635

WANT TO BUY: Wood Splitter (in Lufkin area) (text/call) 936.212-0260

WANT TO BUY: guard dog w/vicious bark to protect family & home (text) 936.221-6090

WANT TO BUY: livable RV w/good title & minor repair OK (cell) 713.256-4758

WANT TO BUY: `89 Chevy Truck for parts (cell) 409.231-9000

I'M LOOKING FOR: small m/h to buy to be moved (cell) 936.208-5904

WANT TO BUY: Bunk Bed, SUV or Mini Van & Rooster (cell) 936.414-4914 after 4pm

WANT TO BUY: Ruger 10/22 .22 LR or .22 LR w/wood stock, hunting scope (cell) 530.570-5992

WANT TO BUY: used working child's Razor elec 4-wheeler (cell) 281.507-4870

•••••• I PAY TOP DOLLAR ••••••
for Vintage High-Quality Watches (pocket & wrist watches or even some small antique clocks) working or repairable or just for the parts ... May trade (cell) 940.597-2084

WANT TO BUY: 9mm, .40 or .45 Pistol (cell) 936.635-2186

WANT TO BUY: clean 5-gal plastic Buckets w/lids & ½"-1" PVC Fittings (cell) 936.559-9424

I PICK UP JUNK VEHICLES FOR FREE OR WILL BUY... Se habla espaρol ... We pick up (in Nacogdoches & surrounding cities) (call/text) 936.205-8514, anytime

•••••••••• WANT TO BUY ••••••••••
LARGE PETRIFIED WOOD 936.637-6159 or (cell) 936.208-8669