WANT TO BUY: Mini Van or Truck with back seat for children for up to $1,000. to replace my flooded vehicle (cell) 936.414-4914 or lauriesuzanne711@gmail.com

WANT TO BUY: older BMW Motorcycle (cell) 936.366-5961 or cgw@lufkininternet.com

WANT TO BUY: good working Yamaha P22 acoustic Piano 409.383-4770

WANT TO BUY: 4' to 5' heavy-metal Bench for end of bed (cell) 936.462-3531

WANT TO BUY: Scaffolding & large Chain Saw (cell) 936.465-2596

WANT TO BUY: 1 cord of post of wood for grilling (cell) 936.572-5272

I'M LOOKING FOR: 1-2 unrestricted acres to buy in Lufkin/Hudson area 936.875-2275

WANT TO BUY: red or duckwing BB Bantam Pullets (text) 936.553-1771

WANT TO BUY: Tailgate for my 07 Dodge Ram 1500 truck 409.423-4670

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