WANT TO BUY: Geese, Ducks or Quail 936.853-2283

I'M LOOKING FOR: 1-2 acres and/or old homeplace to buy in FM 1818 or FM 819 area of Diboll/Burke/Fairview 936.829-5323

WANT TO BUY: birdhouse Gourds for high school art class (cell) 936.414-3693 or catherinelott1845@gmail.com

WANT TO BUY: dependable car with small down & monthly payments (cell) 936.201-5268

WANT TO BUY: Rake & Fertilizer Spreader (3-pt) for up to $100. each (cell) 936.212-5549

WANT TO BUY: half or full cord of split hickory or pecan Firewood delivered to Diboll (cell) 662.231-0970

WANT TO BUY: Yorkie Pup (cell) 936.208-0629

WANT TO BUY: 15- to 25-HP outboard Motor for my flatbottom boat (cell) 9346.229-0754

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