I PICK UP JUNK VEHICLES FOR FREE OR WILL BUY... Se habla espaρol ... We pick up (in Nacogdoches & surrounding cities) (call/text) 936.205-8514, anytime

WANT TO BUY: Marlin .30-30 lever-action Rifle, Canoe & front/rear Bumpers for ‘94 Chevy truck (cell) 936.581-6724

WANT TO BUY: Drone (in Lufkin area) (cell) 936.676-5130

WANT TO BUY: frozen Mawhaws 409.429-3290

WANT TO BUY: 14’-16’ bumper-pull Lowboy Trailer 409.289-0980

WANT TO BUY: 5’ used Bunk Feeder w/stand (cell) 405.564-3472

WANT TO BUY: lever-action Rifle for up to $500. (in Lufkin) 936.676-2726

WANT TO BUY: child’s good running 50cc-70cc gas ATV (text/call) 936.201-8424

WANT TO BUY: .410 double-barrel side-by-side Shotgun (text/call) 936.671-3202

I’M LOOKING FOR: ½- to 1 acre to buy for mini home in Angelina County, Hudson, Diboll, Wells, Livingston or Huntington (cell) 936.676-5673 or (cell) 936.229-8906

I WILL give good home to Chihuahua pup (in Lufkin) 936.225-2854

WANT TO BUY: 3.7L Motor for ‘05 Dodge Ram 1500 (text/call) 409.202-8219

WANT TO BUY: Stained Glass Supplies, Sheets, Solder, Foil, Tools, etc (cell) 936.229-0392

WANT TO BUY: used Entergy-approved 100-amp Utility Pole (in Colmesneil area) (cell) 281.898-2527

WANT TO BUY: wood Pallets or scrap Wood to build raised flower beds (cell) 936.676-2103

WANT TO BUY: up to 150-gal Propane Tank (cell) 409.584-1480

WANT TO BUY: 4.7L Engine for ‘08 Dodge Ram 1500 truck for up to $1,000. 936.829-2507

WANT TO BUY: 6’-6’9” wide Trailer to haul 4-wheeler (in Wildwood) (cell) 409.782-3987

WANT TO BUY: up to ‘79 Project Vehicle (cell) 409.381-9478

WANT TO BUY: Barbados Ram (cell) 409.673-9682

WANT TO BUY: Truck or SUV for up to $4,000. (cell) 409.659-2991

WANT TO BUY: 20’ Connex Shipping Container in Lufkin area (cell) 936.635-9202

WANT TO BUY: older S/A Dump Truck (call/text) 936.404-6380

WANT TO BUY: small Camp Trailer for deer lease (in Lufkin) 936.635-3769

WANT TO BUY: used 2-wheel Car Hauler in good shape 936.635-3768

WANT TO BUY: any age female Ducks & Hedgehog in Crockett/Lufkin/Nacogdoches area (cell) 936.204-4747

WANT TO BUY: 2.0L Motor for ‘11 Kia Soul 936.899-2860

WANT TO BUY: 5’ Brush Cutter w/3-pt in good condition 409.790-5225

WANT TO BUY: 250-gal or 500-gal useable Propane Tank (cell) 936.671-0445

WANT TO BUY: adjustable Bow w/draw length of 27-30” for my grandson (cell) 936.671-1942

WANT TO BUY: compound Bow w/40-60-lb draw weight, with or without accessories (cell) 936.676-3985

WANT TO BUY: Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox or any type of sandbox 936.404-4208

WANT TO BUY: ‘95 Ford Truck for parts (in Burkeville) 409.565-4662

WANT TO BUY: 700R4 automatic overdrive Transmission for ‘89 GMC truck (cell) 936.288-0004

WANT TO BUY: 18’-22’ 3-axle gooseneck 5th-wheel Trailer 936.888-1099 or (text) 936.219-2477

WANT TO BUY: ‘94 Cadillac Deville sedan Body & ‘87 Dodge Dakota Control Arm for 4WD (call/text) 936.201-6397

WANT TO BUY: 28’ bumper-pull Travel Trailer (cell) 936.215-3326

WANT TO BUY: Drone (in Lufkin area) (cell) 936.676-5130

WANT TO BUY: good running vehicle for up to $400. (cell) 936.955-0728

WANT TO BUY: 42” 0-turn Mower for under $1,000. (cell) 936.465-4344

WANT TO BUY: 2 front Fenders, Hood & Grille off ‘02 Chevy Silverado truck in the Lufkin area (cell) 936.676-5130

WANT TO BUY: 250-gal Propane Tank 936.635-3428

WANT TO BUY: good working gas Stove for up to $250. in Lufkin/Nacogdoches area (cell) 936.615-6307

WANT TO BUY: seasoned Firewood in Hudson 936.635-2624

WANT TO BUY: whole Pecans in Timpson/Tenaha area (text/call) 946.427-0355

WANT TO BUY: nice reg-cab Ford/Chevy/GMC Truck for up to $10,000. (call/text) 936.715-8795