WANT TO BUY: older vehicle that has been sitting up for a long time, any make or model, car or truck (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.676-5130

WANT TO BUY: lake lot on private lake in East Texas (text/call) 936.229-1767

I'M LOOKING FOR: ½- to 1 acre to buy in Lufkin/Huntington area (text/call) 936.238-9950

WANT TO BUY: Ducklings (cell) 936.414-7839

WANT TO BUY: Parts or entire motor to repair my `78 Mercury 175-HP motor (in Huntington) (cell) 936.435-4805

WANT TO BUY: good working B&S 5-HP horizontal-shaft Motor (if on equipment OK) 936.824-2823

WANT TO BUY: Okra & double-knit Fabric 936.637-3099

WANT TO BUY: 50" Deck for my Cub Cadet RZTS mower 409.331-0283

WANT TO BUY: used or leftover whole Bricks 936.635-6684

WANT TO BUY: older large Picture of "The Last Supper" (cell) 936.465-1341 or robert.lolamay@yahoo.com

WANT TO BUY: Dazor lighted Magnifier Floor Lamp (cell) 936.676-9182

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