Want to Buy

WANT TO BUY: Ridgid or similar elec Pipe Threader in Broaddus area 936.872-3514

3 HOMES FOR SALE IN LUFKIN ... ALSO: I BUY TIMBER ... Call for details (cell) 936.366-2144

WANT TO BUY: 12’-14’x42” or larger alum flatbottom Boat (cell) 936.465-5522, no texts

•••••••••••••••• BUYING ALL UNWANTED ••••••••••••••••
JUNK CARS in East Texas area ... Top Pay ... Same Day Pickup. Call/text Jeff 903.288-5762

WANT TO BUY: 31x10.50x15 or 33x12.50x15 truck Tires in Lufkin/Huntington area (cell) 936.240-1355


WANT TO BUY: Sea Ark ZX20 alum Bass Boat (cell) 936.462-9857

I PICK UP JUNK VEHICLES FOR FREE OR WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR ... Se habla español ... We pick up (in Nacogdoches & surrounding cities) (call/text) 936.371-7411, anytime

WANT TO BUY: mid-size Truck in Nacogdoches area (text/call) 936.720-0112

WANT TO BUY: Frontend Parts for ‘05 Kia Sedona (in Zavalla) 936.897-9807 or (cell) 713.492-6273

WANT TO BUY: cattle Guard Donkey (cell) 832.588-1713

WANT TO BUY: Transmission & 5-lug Wheels w/tires for ‘90 Chevy Silverado LWB truck 936.899-8931

WANT TO BUY: Bounty Hunter IV Metal Detector (cell) 936.219-2950

WANT TO BUY: Tickets to Ricky Skaggs Concert in Lufkin (cell) 813.599-6181

WANT TO BUY: guitar Amp (in Lufkin) (text/call) 936.637-1473

WANT TO BUY: Parakeet for my child in the Diboll/Lufkin area (text) 936.219-3125

WANT TO BUY: motorized Scooter (in Zavalla) (text) 936.404-2483

WANT TO BUY: gas Stove for up to $200. (cell) 936.219-1551

WANT TO BUY: Mahaws & 5-gals of Blackberries, Plums, Blueberries (cell) 409.698-6095

WANT TO BUY: good 25’ flatbed gooseneck Trailer in Brookeland area (text/call) 337.317-1443

WANT TO BUY: Four-Wheeler (text) 936.398-0201

WANT TO BUY: 16-ga single-shot Shotgun (cell) 318.871-7332

WANT TO BUY: Lionhead Bunnies (in Nacogdoches area) (text) 936.465-0782

WANT TO BUY: Shih Tzu Pup for up to $600. (cell) 936.676-7771

WANT TO BUY: Bobwhite Quail (in Hudson) 936.899-8800

WANT TO BUY: Micro Draco or ZPAP M92 pistol & Desert Eagle .50 rifle (text) 936.298-6397

WANT TO BUY: Yamaha or Kawai Piano (no electronic) 936.332-9911

WANT TO BUY: ‘96 Dodge Truck for parts (cell) 936.715-8558

WANT TO BUY: 205/7515 Tires or two 2570x7515 Tires w/good tread for Chevy S10 truck (in Corrigan) (text/call) 936.635-4879

WANT TO BUY: good used Toyota, Honda or Nissan Frontier truck (no dealers) (cell) 903.522-1422

WANT TO BUY: 3 cords of split oak Firewood delivered to Midlake at Toledo Bend (Texas side) (cell) 903.570-9174

WANT TO BUY: 8-week toy Yorkie Pup (cell) 936.208-2326

WANT TO BUY: up to 5 non-working mid/large chest Freezers in Nacogdoches area, will haul 936.559-3755

WANT TO BUY: 3.7L Motor for ‘06 Dodge Nitro (in Lufkin) (text/call) 936.899-1188

WANT TO BUY: square bales of Hay for gardening (in Lufkin) 936.634-7079 after4pm

WANT TO BUY: white Tailgate, Running Boards & Grille Guard for ‘01 Ford F150 super-crew truck (cell) 409.224-0753

WANT TO BUY: four 205/75/15, 225/70 or 75/15 Tires w/good tread for Chevy S10 truck (in Corrigan) (text/call) 936.635-4879

WANT TO BUY: flying Mallard hen Duck (in Lufkin) 936.634-4119 or (text/call) 936.238-0881

WANT TO BUY: chicken Brooder (in Kirbyville) 409.423-6887, no texts

WANT TO BUY: Barred Rock Roosters (in Newton) 409.383-4209