WANT TO BUY: 5-speed Transmission for my `96 Ford Ranger (cell) 936.201-3340

I'M LOOKING FOR: 2-BR home that allows outdoor dogs in or near Shelby County to rent-to-own or buy with owner finance (text) 936.572-0633

WANT TO BUY: `75 Datsun 260Z or `76-'78 Datsun 280Z Parts Car, `85-up Pontiac Fiero or `65-'69 Chevy Corvair (cell) 936.404-2540

COME SEE MY GREAT VINYL RECORD ALBUM COLLECTION on the 2nd floor of Heritage Antiques & Art Studios, 110 W. Burke corner of S. First in Downtown Lufkin ... I sell good clean vinyl in classic rock, pop, country, soul, oldies & more for less than $10. I buy & sell old vinyl 33RPM records (cell) 936.226-3009

WANT TO BUY: 2- or 3-blade Pan Plow (3-pt) & rear Cultivator for my Cub tractor 936.635-5596

WANT TO BUY: Frizzle Hen 936.637-1501

WANT TO BUY: good Bunk Bed with mattresses (cell) 936.208-1692

WANT TO BUY: 400' of chain-link Fence 936.225-1809

WANT TO BUY: Guinea Keets, Dove Chicks & Turkey Chicks 936.564-2396

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